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Galaxy Rescue Systems
Ballistic Parachutes for Experimentals and Light Sport Aircraft

Available NOW! Shipping in the United States! is proud to be appointed US distributor of GRS ballistic parachutes to the US Experimental/Light Sport Aircraft market.

GRS ballistic recovery systems parachutes

  • GRS 6 800 SD
  • GRS 6 1050 SD
  • GRS 6 1350 SD
  • GRS 6 1440 SD
  • GRS 6 1650 TWIN CHUTE
  • GRS 6 2110 TWIN CHUTE
  • GRS 6 2670 TWIN CHUTE
  • GRS 6 2860 TWIN CHUTE



6 week lead time! Get your chute quicker than the competition!

Add $100 shipping. We will call to confirm model of chute.

Specify Parachute               

Specify Aircraft 

** Read a Technical Article about Galaxy's New Parachute Design and Testing **

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EUROPE'S LEADER: Galaxy High Technology is the leading producer of ballistic airframe recovery parachutes in Europe. More GRS parachutes are sold in Europe than any other chute, with market share as high as 80% in countries like France. Galaxy sells over 550 chutes per year worldwide.

STANDARD OEM INSTALLATIONS: Galaxy has OEM agreements with many companies producing LSA (and many S-LSA!) aircraft that are sold into the United States. These aircraft manufacturers have standard approved mounting locations and bracketry, and include:

Please contact your US Distributor and ask them to give you the option of a GRS Parachute from! Just the way the factory designed it!

whole aircraft parachutes

rocket chutes for airplanes


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